Just like his mama

Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy lord where do they come from!? How can someone so freaking small be so full of energy and rage at all times!? Am I the only one who thinks their kid pretty much hates them!? I seriously question my abilities as a mother on a daily basis with this one. It blows my mind too because he’s the one I stayed home from work with and was a stay at home mom, the other two I was back to work in like three weeks!

Anyways here’s a little glimpse into my world. My 4 year old is the absolute most amazing little thing ever, he’s smart, too smart for his own good, he’s got beautiful red hair, and big brown eyes …just like his mama. He’s like a little old man trapped in a toddler body, an old soul. He makes the funniest faces, has an amazing personality and tells silly jokes. He loves to cook and is very independent. He goes to pre school 5 days a week and has a bunch of little friends. He’s extremely outgoing and loves to play hide and seek.

I know I say He’s my difficult one, but I also know it’s because we’re so much alike. He’s stubborn, bullheaded and used to getting his way, also just like his mama. He’s not so good with listening, following rules, wants what he wants when he wants it……also just like his mama. I know it’s me and take full responsibility for the melt downs and “mean” moments because he’s just like me! He’s me, trapped in my beautiful, redheaded, little man.

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