My Love

Lemme tell you about my best friend. We met a little over 5 years ago at Founders Day, a sober thing held in Akron, Ohio every year. He was with a friend of mine, he introduced us and that was that. No fireworks, no music playing in my head, just another introduction in AA. At this time in my life I was on a mission to find myself, I was only 8 or 9 months sober, so I wasn’t looking to meet anyone relationship wise. Any way a few days go by and I get a friend request from this guy. I accept of course and that’s where it all began. We talked for hours about life, sobriety, our pasts and music lots and lots of music talk, he’s Pearl Jam, I’m Grateful Dead.

I was still trying to focus on myself but something told me he was different, this may be worth checking out. We started to hang out on Sundays, I was off work and a bunch of us would go to the beach and hang out. It was cool, there was always people with us so no pressure, and it wasn’t like a date. Just friends hanging out. Over the weeks though I started to fall for him, he’s the most laid back, open and honest person I’d ever met. I remember him showing up to a meeting I was at with some new CD’s of music he liked and wanted me to listen too, I’m pretty sure it was in that moment I fell in love with him.

We took things nice and slow and a month later I was knocked up! I know, I know, typical AA love story right?! I was scared to death, I was still at a sober house, didn’t even have custody of Jacob back and here I am pregnant. I was so scared to tell him, I was still unsure that I even deserved to be a mom let alone have another baby. He was so calm and OK with the whole situation it freaked me out more. I was even more dramatic early on in my sobriety if you can believe that. Any way we decided to be a family and take a shot and moved in together. It was scary, being still in my first year of sobriety, pregnant, and living with a boy I basically just met. I continued to go to all of my meetings and he stayed on his schedule. Our sobriety always came first, and it was separate, we had our own meetings and our own lives. I guarantee it’s why were still together and sober.

We’ve had a hell of a ride these past few years. He’s an amazing father to the boys and husband to me. I wouldn’t be half the woman I am with out him and his love and support. He lets me vent and bitch and make all these crazy plans and then waits for God to sort them out for me. He’s the type that has that child like faith and can just give everything to God and wait. It honestly pisses me off cuz I’m here driving myself fucking insane trying to negotiate and make deals with the big guy and its all already in the works. Gods design wins every time, I just need to sit back and be patient. (not my strong suit)

I’ve never been in a relationship that I could trust the other person whole heartedly, probably because I never could trust myself. But with him its not even an issue and never has been. He makes me a better person, he makes me want to be a better mom, he calls me out on my crazy bullshit, and tells me when I need to get to a meeting. He’s my fucking sanity on my worst days, he’s my safe place. He doesn’t judge me when I drop the kids off to my mom on my day off and go get a massage rather than spend the day with them. He pushes me and encourages me.

Danny is Gods plan for me, and has been all along. We’ve both been in and out of the program for so long and God saw fit to keep us away from each other until we were both ready to be loved and be able to love back. I’m absolutely amazed by this man on a daily basis. He’s currently pursuing a new career path, and as scary as it is, he’s going to be amazing at it. He seriously can do anything he puts his mind to. He does what he has to for his family, always, every single decision we make is for us and our kids, what’s best for them and us as a whole.

Boys and girls if I’ve learned anything from my husband its that if you put your faith in God and be patient things will work out the way they’re supposed to. Also it IS possible to eat an entire X large Pepperoni pizza in one sitting.

One thought on “My Love

  1. Sis,
    One day there gonna make a Motion Picture about you😊:

    (Romantic) tear jerker!

    I’m so Proud of you, and so Happy your in our Lifes😍

    Keep doing the Great Stuff your doing👍

    I ADORE my Family😍

    Love you always:
    Big Brother Nick❤️

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