Scared shit-less

I’m sitting at my kids baseball game, yes on my phone don’t judge me, getting super excited for where my life is going. I’m at My kids game, for the second time this week, because I’m not mentally exhausted from Life! I recently decided to start my own business and stop working full time. I still work a few days a week to make some extra “material money” but mainly I stay home and focus on my new venture.
It’s pretty cool, I got to stay home with my little one today who has a cold, and snots and just yucky. I get to pick my kindergartener up from school every day. I’m home most mornings to get the kids off to school and I get to to be involved. Most importantly I’m doing what I love! I love sewing and creating things other people love. I love being a mom, I love being a part of this little family we have, and I love that I get to enjoy it all! I still don’t have a lot of it figured out and I’m scared shit-less, but, I’m happy.
My hubby has been a freaking god send, taking the kids when he gets home so I can get some sewing done, he’s supportive and pretends to give a shit when I show him how straight my lines are! I even got him to try on some scarves for me. He’s my inspiration, and I definitely wouldn’t be doing this without his love and support.
I guess the moral of this little story is fear and faith cannot coexist!

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